What Is Payroll Based Journal?

by mgossett
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Payroll Based Journal, better known as PBJ, is a system that collects staffing data from specific businesses. According to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the data is used “for a myriad of purposes to more accurately and effectively gauge its impact on quality of care in nursing homes.”

Under Section 6106 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), PBJ is required for nursing homes and long-term care facilities. These businesses must submit information about their staff working in direct care, including all agency and contract staff. This nationwide healthcare reform initiative has been in place since 2010 but became mandatory in 2015.

The CMS created the PBJ system to allow participating companies to submit their required data. This data requirement has provided a new level of transparency to long-term care facilities and a positive outcome for all stakeholders. CMS posts the staffing information on their CMS Nursing Home Compare website and is utilized in the Nursing Home Five Star Quality Rating System, helping consumers understand the different staffing levels in nursing homes.

Now you might be asking yourself what your company needs to be doing to meet the requirement better. The better question is, how confident are you in your current time tracking system? An accurate and dependable time and attendance and Human Resources management system are crucial to submitting your PBJ data.

Since PBJ reporting requires high accuracy and attention to detail, it is essential to choose the right program. That is where we come in.

Our time and attendance and HR management systems at ITCS-WebClock provides you with everything you need to compile your data accurately. We also offer CMS PBJ reporting and filing services to reduce your costs, save stress and gain back valuable time.

We rather you focus on patient care than filing reports, so let us manage all of your CMS Payroll Based Journal needs!  

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