Choosing the Right Partner for PBJ Reporting

Payroll-Based Journal Reporting
by mgossett
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Like with all relationships, choosing the right partner is essential to its success – the same goes for selecting the right Payroll-Based Journal, PBJ, company. Our last blog explained what a Payroll-Based Journal was and how your company can stay compliant. Now we want to discuss why choosing the right partner for PBJ reporting requirements is essential and what you need to look for!

What to look for in a provider?

Since 2015 under Section 6106 of the Affordable Care Act, PBJ has been a requirement for nursing homes and long-term care facilities. When searching for your new provider, credibility and accuracy are the most important things to look for.

A credible Payroll-Based Journal, PBJ, partner will be abreast of the strict regulations and laws to ensure that your data tracking is compliant. Between the complete breakdown of each employee’s hours worked and the different types of shifts, you need a PBJ partner to collect, analyze, and report your data.

An accurate PBJ partner will collect your data entirely and efficiently. When submitting your data to Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services, CMS, exactness and completeness are crucial to avoid audits or penalties. As the COVID-19 pandemic has turned the healthcare industry on its head, the required CMS PBJ data needs to be as accurate as possible.

What to know before switching or choosing your new provider?

When choosing a new provider, whether it’s your first time or making the switch, you must discuss the software capabilities and options. Do they have an opportunity to integrate other programs to manage and analyze their employee data? What are their internal audit options? When you ask the right questions for your new provider, you should be able to discern their capabilities to manage your PBJ submissions accurately and credibly.

Why is ITCS WebClock the Right Partner for You?

ITCS WebClock can provide you with a single point of contact for all your CMS PBJ needs! We work directly with the facility administrators to ensure that your data is accurately captured and fully compliant. We will even submit it on your behalf! Once submitted, we run validation, summary, and audit reports to distribute to your admins.

With our Payroll and Time and Attendance integration, you can compile all the required data accurately and efficiently for easy submission. Contact us today at 888-549-5550 or WebClock sales at to learn more!