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Payroll Processing Integration:

ITCS has many relationships in the payroll processing industry and can pass on value and experience to you.

We will work with you and your provider to streamline and automate your processing solution.

Payroll Exports:

The ITCS-WebClock has many payroll exports below are a few standard exports:

ADP PayChex QuickBooks
Sage Ceridian Adminstaff 
AlphaStaff CoAdvantage CheckPointHR
and more.

We can customize an export to your providers specifications or your special needs.

web time clock Human Resource Outsourcing

Providing integrated payroll, benefits, tax, risk management, accounting, technology and human resource management through flexible, comprehensive, and scalable process management solutions, delivered through a complete portfolio of products and services, which may include a co-employment relationship. By leveraging its expertise in technology, law, finance, insurance and human resources, this solution delivers flexible employer solutions that control costs, systematically address key compliance issues, and provide legal liability protection, while providing world class benefits.

web time clock Payroll Outsourcing

Services include processing payroll, cutting and distributing paychecks, Calculating and paying withholding and employment taxes, preparing and distributing W-2s and 1099s at year-end and handling employee payroll inquiries

web time clock Web Based Payroll Applications

Web Based Payroll Application for paying employees, calculating federal and state taxes, including unemployment and other deductions, by check or direct deposit, making tax payments and filings, and W-2 tracking, processing, and printing.

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