Employees On-Demand Pay

  • Payroll processing as normal
  • Employees can instantly access their earned income on any device
  • Employees receive funds instantly or next business day
  • Employers can see a 50% decrease in turnover
  • Employers see double the number of applicants when advertising they offer DailyPay
  • Employees report a 69% increase in job satisfaction
  • The average DailyPay user is able to save $1205 a year
  • Lowest fees and no subscriptions
  • Transaction fee: $1.99 for next day ACH payment or $2.99 for an instant payment
  • Your choice paid by employer, employee, or a combination
  • Allow employees to access 100% of their earned income reducing the uncertainty associated with a paycheck by accessing pay and non-cash tips when needed. Access to pay can reduce financial stress providing the ability to pay bills, rent and emergencies.
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